Camille DePutter

Storytelling with Heart

Camille DePutter. Storytelling with heart.

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Do you need help telling your story?

I'm Camille.

Helping people tell their stories is what I do.

I provide:

- writing, editing and consulting services

- books that will help you share your story

- workshops and speaking

- free tools, tips, inspiration and stories

Share your Story: the workbook

Do you have a story to tell?

Have a story to tell?

Not sure what it is yet, or how to say it? 

Want to write but feel scared or stuck?

I can help you with that. My specialty is giving people the tools and the inspiration to tell their stories. 

You can find the courage to write. And the clarity to do it well. 

Want to get started?  Check out my book, Share your Story, on Amazon.

(Or get the digital version here.)





More cool stuff

Want more storytelling support? I also teach workshops, and provide consulting and writing services to select clients. How can I help you? Let's find out.  Drop me a line at camille[at]