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 Tell your story. Make your mark.


Your story isn’t ordinary. And I’m no ordinary storyteller.


 Together, we can help you use your story to make an impact.


Here’s how it works.

I am a storytelling guide, communications strategist, and writer/editor, all rolled into one.

I help you find your best stories, and tell them in the most effective, impactful, authentic way.

With my support, your story will reflect your voice, your goals, and your personal mission — so you make the kind of change you really want to make.

In turn, you get results that are bigger, work you’re incredibly proud of, and a process that’s compassionate, supportive, and full of heart.


Do you have a story, message, or idea that you’re dying to express?

Are you driven to use your story to make a positive impact — grow your business and help others? Do you (or your team) need help communicating effectively and authentically?

That’s where I come in.


How I can help:


Writing, editing, and content development

  • Want to write a book, memoir, textbook or keynote?

  • Want to develop or improve a course or curriculum?

  • Have a messy rough draft you want to make 1000X better? Or a huge pile of notes or recordings you’re not totally sure what to do with?

I’ll help you turn your stories into something you — and your readers — will love.


Storytelling guidance

  • Have an idea but not sure where to go with it?

  • Want to use storytelling to get your message across but not sure which stories to tell, or how?

I’ll help you uncover your best stories and show you how to use them to get your ideas across.


Communications strategy

  • Need to level up your communications strategy and content marketing?

Combine storytelling with strategy and you have something really powerful on your hands. I’ll show you the way.


Internal communications and workshops

  • Want to improve storytelling, writing, or communications throughout your organization?

Through workshops, consulting, and/or internal communications content I can help you and your team harness the power of storytelling.


Products and free resources

  • Just need a quick win? Dying to get started today?

I offer books, workbooks, articles, and other resources so you can start telling your story today.





Free storytelling workbook

5 Questions that will triple your story’s impact PLUS a big storytelling secret that will transform how you write.