DIGITAL: Share your Story

DIGITAL: Share your Story


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Is it time to Share Your Story?

Share Your Story is a digital workbook by Camille DePutter.  

Do you have a story to tell? Share your Story is a workbook that serves as your personal storytelling guide.

This unique e-book will help you develop the clarity, comfort and courage you need to share your story with the world.

It's a fun, easy and uplifting way to discover the stories within, and put them to words.

So you can stop hiding. Start speaking up. And embrace the story you have to tell.  

Share Your Story includes:

  • Unique writing projects that will help you put words to your personal experiences and feelings.

  • A guide to developing your own signature story.

  • Guidance for working through past hurts and painful subjects in a safe and positive way.

  • Fun, easy writing activities to help you think about your own stories in new, humorous, and uplifting new ways.

  • Probing questions that will inspire you to think differently and write more creatively.

  • Methods to help you turn 'what happened,' into 'what's next' - how to feel braver, speak up, share your story, and use what you've learned to help others.

  • Other ideas, quotes, tips and 'choose your own adventure-style' space to let your inner storyteller roam free.

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