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Share your Story


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Do you need help telling your story?

Do you have a story inside, but you’re not sure how to tell it… or if it’s even worth telling?

Do you have a tiny little voice inside telling you to write… but you’re not sure you can?

Do you want to tell better, more authentic stories… but you’re not sure where to start?

You’re not alone. Camille created this workbook just for you.

This book will help you:

  • Discover the stories you have to tell.

  • Turn your personal experiences into signature stories.

  • Become confident writing, talking about, and sharing your story.

The Share Your Story workbook is your personal storytelling guide.

A professional storyteller and communications expert, Camille knows that your story is worth telling, and sharing. In this heartfelt book, she walks you through a practical and simple road map to help you uncover and write your personal stories.

The book includes:

  • Unique writing projects that will help you turn your personal experiences into stories.

  • A method for working through past hurts and painful subjects in a safe and positive way.

  • Fun, easy writing activities and questions to help you think about your own stories in new, creative, and uplifting new ways.

  • Methods to help you use your story in a positive way -- so you can inspire and help others

  • A guide to developing your own signature story.

This is your chance to tell your story, your way. Get started today.

Just like everyone on this planet I had a story inside me that was yearning to be set free. The only problem was I had no idea how to open up and share it.

Camille has a superb ability to show you how to tap into the power of your story and to tell it in a way that is engaging, fun, and bursting with ‘your essence’.

If you have ever felt the need to write your story down then this book is an absolutely must have.
— Amazon Review for Share Your Story