Little Poems for Big Hearts

Little Poems for Big Hearts


Book by Camille DePutter. Pricing in USD.

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Little Poems for Big Hearts is a book of poems to fill your heart and lift your spirits.

Short and sweet, yet generous in their messages of kindness and strength, the poems in this all-ages book will give you a hearty dose of self-compassion and courage. 

Camille wrote these poems for herself during a time of depression, and they wound up being her lifeline on the way to happiness. Now, paired with journaling prompts to inspire reflection, she’s sharing them with you. 

With accompanying beautiful watercolor images, this book will inspire and uplift you again and again. Read it with a child in your life, give it as a gift to someone you care about, or keep it handy for any time you need a jolt of joy.

Price in USD.