Storytelling with Heart

Camille DePutter

Camille DePutter. Storytelling with heart.

storytelling for fitness professionals

Coming soon...

I'm writing a book to help fitness pros tell their stories. So they can set themselves apart, attract more of their ideal clients, and become industry leaders.

All by discovering, writing, and sharing the authentic stories about what they do, who they do it for, what they stand for, and most importantly -- why they do it.

I've helped dozens (probably more like hundreds) of people like you -- coaches and fitness pros who are on a mission to make a difference -- express themselves authentically, confidently, and effectively. 

The benefits:

  • Better connection with their ideal clients.
  • Clear differentiation from the competition.
  • Stronger marketing materials.
  • Fulfilling self-expression.
  • And real leadership.

This book will break down the process of storytelling, piece by piece. I'll show you exactly how you can put YOUR stories to work in your business/marketing, where to find your stories, how to write them (and how to improve your writing skills) and the many ways you can share your stories to connect with your ideal client.  

If this subject interests you, please join my Storytelling for Fitness Pros list. I'm going to be sharing some of my own writing secrets, busting some myths, giving away some free tools, and keeping you posted on the book's progress. 

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