I dare you: Why your creativity matters more than ever.


When things seem barren and hopeless, we have grounds for creativity.

We are faced with a terrifying question: what will you make from this?

This is the real question. It is a scary question, a demanding, open-ended one; it requires us to wrestle, to reflect, to look inwards, but most of all, to imagine. 

It requires us to look outwards at the landscape before us and say: what can I create here? What can I put back in this space? What can I give? What can I leave behind?

Emptiness, loss, fear -- these are a blank canvas looking back at us and asking, what will you create?

This is not a call for reckless reaction, it is a call to make something new, to bring something forward, to wrestle with the experience of creativity.

The more that things feel dark, confused, lost, and lonely, the more creativity is needed. 

When we want to look back, retreat, sink our feet into our own stuckness, creativity demands that we look forward. It nudges us towards newness.

Creativity is not a luxury. And inspiration is not a special gift delivered to a special few. 

These things don't grow out of ideal conditions -- they grow out of the dirt. 

Inspiration is not an experience of perfection.

It is not a moment when things are clean and neat, when you know just what to do.

It’s exactly the opposite.

Inspiration is a question that needs to be asked, a problem that needs to be solved, a step that needs to be taken even though you don’t know where it leads.

Inspiration is a dare.

It dares us to move forward into creativity, even when we don’t know what we’re making yet.

Will you accept?




Camille DePutter