Storytelling with Heart

Camille DePutter

Camille DePutter. Storytelling with heart.

What is Speed Storytelling?

 Speed Storytelling is a joint project between Lisa Kates (A Food Gypsy) and Camille DePutter. Both natural storytellers, explorers of our own city, and ever-curious about the people around us, we have embarked on a project called Speed Storytelling.

 As Lisa puts it: “Speed storytelling compiles thoughts that are simple or intense, whimsical or serious. We choose people at random in different neighbourhoods and have them quickly jot down what first comes to mind.”

 At the same time we snap their picture. The end result is both a literal and figurative snapshot of some of the unique individuals we encounter in any given neighbourhood.

 The first Speed Storytelling project took place in Kensington Market, Toronto, on July 20, 2014.

Camille in Kensington; Photo by Lisa Kates

Camille in Kensington; Photo by Lisa Kates

 Why we chose to do this Project

 Lisa: “I am fulfilling a creative need by embarking on this wonderful project with Camille. I have always wanted to write a book but as the years passed I realized I loved photography as much as writing. I enjoy expressions, gestures, people in different settings and moods.

I am also very inquisitive; what makes people wake up every day and have the lives they do? Is it by choice or necessity? What makes people happy, sad, thoughtful?

It fascinates me to listen, to hear and see other people's stories through photos and words.

When life brings you a big crayon, you have to draw with it.”

Camille:  "Simply by being around other people we surrounded ourselves with stories. To a degree, people wear their stories: it’s in their personal style, their tattoos, their scars, their posture, their habits, their words, their very presence.

Yet there is also so much kept inside of us. This project posed the question: what if we stopped to ask to hear just a little bit of the inner voices of strangers? What would they tell you about themselves if you took the time to ask?”

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